Preparing to travel with your pet can be challenging so let us help

Travel and Your Pet

Preparing to travel with your pet can be challenging - finding up-to-date information on the latest legislation, medical requirements and pet passports can be difficult - so let us help.

Bell & Partners is a registered provider of pet passports and our vets are knowledgeable in the requirements for travelling animals abroad.

We can provide:

  • Any necessary vaccinations, such as Rabies and Leishmonniasis
  • Pet passports, issued there and then during the consultation
  • Advice on preparation and care during travel

Be prepared

When travelling with your pet, you definitely need to plan ahead. You must get your pet vaccinated against Rabies at least 22 days before travelling and you will need to have acquired your pet passport 21 days before travel.

At the end of the Brexit transition period, all travel requirements may change - so you will need to check if there are any amendments after 31st December 2020.

Visit our travel advice page for more information.

Travel Dog

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