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Weight Management

The key to maintaining a right weight for your pet is correct feeding

Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight for you pet is just as important as it is for yourself. An animal that is overweight will find life more challenging and will be predisposed to a number of health issues.


The key to maintaining a right weight for your pet is correct feeding. Feed the right amount of food as advised for that breed and build of animal - and stick to it. Do not be tempted to feed more, and definitely do not supplement their diet with human leftovers.


As with us humans, regular exercise will also help. Using toys and games can help stimulate your pet and encourage them to be more active.


One of the best way to keep track of your pet's progress and assess whether they are the correct weight is to know what they weigh.

We have a set of scales available to use free of charge in our waiting room at the surgery and we encourage all our clients to weight their pets regularly. Keeping track of your pet's weight will help with any weight loss and will also give plenty of warning if your pet's weight starts to creep up.


Our vets can help by advising on weight loss and weight control programmes, including feeding advice.


For more advice on managing your pet's weight, call us on 02476 602564.

  • How can I help my pet lose weight?
  • How can I encourage my cat to do more exercise?

How can I help my pet lose weight?

Making sure that your pet gets a controlled diet with the right amount of food will help control your pet's weight.

Your vet can help devise a weight loss programme for your pet if required. Regularly weighing your pet will help keep track of their progress.

How can I encourage my cat to do more exercise?

There are number of ways you can encourage your pet to be more active.

Playing games or getting them to follow or chase food is a great way to entice them into getting more exercise - just make sure you use part of their daily food ration rather than additional snacks.

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