It is important to think very carefully before making the decision to breed

Breeding animals, some things you should know

Before breeding from your pet, you need to ask yourself:


  • Do I need to breed from my pet?
  • Am I ready?
  • Can I offer the extra care that my pet will need?
  • Have I found homes for the offspring?
  • What happens if I cannot find homes for them?


It is important to think very carefully before making the decision to breed. If you are confident you are ready to proceed, the next step will be to see if your pet is fit and well enough to breed, that is where we can help.

Pre-mating health checks

The health checks required before breeding from your animal will depend on what species they are and what you want to do with the offspring – you will need far more health checks if you are hoping to sell a litter of pedigree puppies, for example.

At the very least, any animal that you are hoping to breed from will need an appointment with your vet to check that the female is in good health, has no underlying issues which need addressing and that she is ready for pregnancy.

For cats and dogs, the breed of the animal may also affect the checks required before pregnancy. With cats there are a number of genetic disorders specific to particular breeds that can be tested for – Persian Progressive Retinal Atrophy in Persians, for example, or Congenital myasthenic syndrome (CMS) which causes muscle weakness in Devon Rex and Sphynx cats.

Certain breeds of dog may be more pre-disposed to health issues than others, so additional tests would be recommended. These tests for dogs may include:

  • Hip scoring
  • Elbow grading
  • Eye testing
  • DNA testing

Finding the right partner

Finding the right animal to breed with your pet is an important decision and one that is vital to get right. You need to find an animal that complements your pet both in terms of genetics (inbreeding causes all sorts of health issues) and temperament. Working with a professional breeder is highly advised, especially if you are breeding from your pet for the first time. They will be able to offer support and advice and recommend a sire that is fit and healthy.

Support during pregnancy

In addition to a health check before the mating, we would also recommend a scan for your pregnant pet. This can be done a short period into the pregnancy – we recommend around 25 days after mating for cats and dogs. At this appointment the vet will be able to offer help and advice, including guidance on feeding, the birth and aftercare.

To book a pregnancy health check for your pet , call us on 02476 602564.

  • How often should I groom my pet?
  • How do I remove matts from my pet's coat?

How often should I groom my pet?

You should try to groom your pet at least once a week - more frequently for pets with a longer coat.

You may also find that you need to clip your pet's coat, this should be done every 4-12 weeks.

How do I remove matts from my pet's coat?

If your pet's coat has become matted, it can cause them a lot of discomfort to remove.

We advise booking an appointment with one of our vets to safely dematt a particularly matted coat.

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